Martyn Reflects on the Project

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Research
Martyn at the camera controls.

Martyn at the camera controls.

Looking back on the project and the first day, I was a little bit apprehensive about the size of the project we had taken on and how we could reach our goal of producing a documentary with so much travel involved and so many people to interview.   As it turned out we had a great  team and each and every task came together as planned.  We did have a couple of hitches along the way; but too little to stop us from achieving our goals.

The one thing I will take from this project is that even with the best planning in the world and with the best team i the world, things will go wrong.  However it how you work as a team to sort these issues out and keep the project moving that counts in the long run.  It has been a pleasure to have worked on this project with Niall, Johnathan and Guitar.  It was also great to have Robert Smith on board as our Project Supervisor, Robert had a lot of experience that he passed along to us and made a lot of our tasks easy to complete.



Guitar Reflects on the Project

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Research

For me this was a opportunity to work with three liked minded people.  I have gained a lot of experience in the  making of the documentary and I am now a better interviewer, videographer and graphics designer from working with a team of people that all have unique talents to offer the group.

From start to finish this has been a vast learning curve and I have discovered so many ways to complete a task, how to work under tight time deadlines and how planning makes for a perfect finished project.  I have had the pleasure of working with Niall, Jonathan and Martyn.  I feel as a team we were suited to this project as we all expected no less than 100% from each other and we knew that each person would deliver each and every task that was assigned to them.

Guitar Interviewing at The Department of Education

Guitar Interviewing at The Department of Education


We have had many calls, emails and texts from the CoderDojo Community regarding the release date of the documentary.   We are delighted that they are waiting for this documentary.  We are sure that when we do release the documentary, the community will not be disappointed in the final product.

Editing on the documentary is coming along with fantastic results and we are getting excited waiting to release the documentary to the public very soon.

Editing Short List Complete

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Research

We have completed our editing of the short list of footage that will get to the final production.   Jonathan and Niall have mad a great job of selecting some fantastic footage for the next stage of editing.   With this stage complete we have reached another one of our mile stones on our documentary project.

Jonathan will now work through the quality of the footage and will correct any issues such as stabilization and colour correction.   The concepts for the posters are well under way and Guitar and Niall have come up with some fantastic concepts for this new poster.  We have taken on board the comments made by the college faculty at the last presentation that the poster was too dark and drary.

We have started to sieve through the footage that we have recorded over the past two months.   The hard work begins as we decide what will be shorted listed for the final movie and what will be hidden forever.   Most of this task is down to our Editor Jonathan and his ability to spend hours viewing and picking just the right clips to blend and make a seamless scene from many clips.

While Jonathan works on editing the footage, the rest of the team are busy working on print media such as posters and web graphics and blog and Twitter content.

We are under pressure as we have so many other college projects to work on and have read for submission.

Time to Start Editing the Footage

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Research

We are near the end of the filming and getting ready to edit the footage for the CoderDojo Documentary.  This will be a heavy task and to help us along the way we will use FinalCut Pro 10x.  The are mixed emotions about this version as some industry users state that the previous version is more stable and faster to work with.  We will see how we get on with the edition and let you all know how it turns out.

Find us on Twitter @CoderDojoDoc

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Research

We are now on Twitter @CoderDojoDoc and as of today we have 1607 followers.  You can follow us on Twitter as well as on this blog.