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This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (College Campus 14/01/2013):

This week is all about the final preparation on the presentation to the faculty on Friday 18th January.

The group is confident that the required work load has been achieved and that all components and scheduled tasks have been completed. We have ready for presentation the following:

      • 3 minute Demo Trailer.
      • Promo Poster.
      • Functional Website.
      • List of Locations for Interview.
      • Confirmed interview with Founders.
      • Confirmed interviews with CoderDojo Clubs (domestic and internationally).
      • Project Proposal with Timeline of Tasks to Complete the Project in Semester 2.
      • Solid Foundation to complete project.
      • A Cohesive Team with passion for success.

All members of the team have achieved the tasks set at weeks one and two.   Each group member has attended and engaged fully in all meetings and have supported each other with all project requirements.


This week see another milestone in the completion of our website and of our promotional poster and also the completion of the trailer to be screened on 18th Jan 2013.

This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (College Campus):

This weeks meeting centred around the completion of work required to enable the group to deliver a presentation to the faculty on January 18th.  Items discussed were the completion of the website, promotional posters, demo trailer and what amendments needed to be made to ensure a professional end of semester project will be delivered on time to the faculty.


  • Upload the website to our hosting account and test on all the following browsers IE7+, Safari, Firefox, Chrome.
  • Test on Mack, iPAD and PC to ensure all aspects are viewable and without bugs.
  • Correct any issues or errors in copy and design
  • Complete the blog updating for the project.


  • Complete the final print ready document for the promotional poster and print a sample to ensure that contrasts, design elements and layout is of a professional standard to present on the 18th January.
  • Complete remain graphics for website and amend earlier requirements of the main logo.
  • Proofreading of the website for errors.


  • Complete production and editing of the demo trailer and to amend any changes as discussed within the team.
  • Burn trailer on to DVD .
  • Create a account and upload the trailer.


  • Compile the complete list of interview locations both physical and online.
  • Complete the budget requirements for shooting, accommodation and miscellaneous costs for the second semester.
  • Contact the CoderDojo clubs in the USA for Skype interviews and comments from tutors and or parents.

This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (Home Meeting 04/11/2012):

This week was about finalising some of the media products such as the website, promo poster and the progress on the demo trailer.   We also finalised on the project proposal.

  •  Compile the proposal in to a completed document (Click here to open: >> CoderDojoCodingTheFuture)
  • Secured domain for website access.
  • Secured web hosting for website.
  • Completed working prototype of website.
  • Edit reviews of videos, promo posters and website.


  • Finalise logo(s) and artwork for all media products.
  • Complete prototype of promo poster.
  • Edit reviews of videos, promo posters and website.


  •  Review and edit interview footage from ITB CoderDojo club.
  • Secured online footage of CoderDojo founders to use in promo Trailer.
  • Completed demo story board for testing purposes.
  • Edit reviews of videos, promo posters and website.


  • complete list of interviews secured both domestic and internationally.
  • List of people agreeing to interviews.
  • Edit reviews of videos, promo posters and website.

As the project is now at the end of the semester we are satisfied with our progress and confident that our final project will be a professional documentary on the CoderDojo Movement across the globe.

We now have all the main components completed as agreed for the first semester and have accomplished the following:

  • Full assistance and support from the CoderDojo Founders.
  • Full research on the CoderDojo Movement and on other coding clubs.
  • Ample interviews scheduled to allow the production of the documentary.
  • We have a working website.
  • A Promotional Poster.
  • A 3 minute Demo Trailer.
Coding The Future

Coding The Futre

Home Page

Home Page












Full testing and editing of all of our products will take place in week 12 and we are confident that we have a product that will be enlightening, entertaining and rewarding to all that will see the finished demo of the documentary

No Activity this week due to Christmas break time…

This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (Skype –  12/12/2012):

This week we have our first CoderDojo interview at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB).  This is their end of year session and also involves the childrens’ Christmas party.  This will be exciting as we delve in to the CoderDojo for real and find out just what makes it all tick!

  • Interviewer.
  • Sound.


  • Interviewer.
  • Sound.


  •  Videoography.
  • Photography.


  • Club Liaison Contact.
  • Equipment Requirements Check

We have 15 to 30 minutes to interview both students and children and to get a feel of what CoderDojo is all about.   This is a little bit hard on the nerves as we have little or no experience in real life video interviews.

All of our other work on this project is moving along and we are seeing results from all members of the group.  The project proposal is near completion and the research has been completed and we can now see that there is a good story to be told here.

Work continues on prototypes for promotional media products and weekly meetings are working out well with all members attending at least 3  out of 4 meetings.

The group also communicates by email and Skype online to ensure that all queries or issues are sorted out in a professional and timely manner.

The energy within this group is fantastic and the feedback from the founders, tutors, children and parents has been fantastic; it would seem that all these people really want to see this movement flourish and that it remains a free activity for today’s and the children of the future.

Week 7 – Out Week

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Weekly Project Progress

There is no activity with the project due to other course modules requiring time to complete before submitting to lectures for grading.

This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (College Campus 28/11/2012):

This meeting is for a review of the project and to identify any issues that may arise or any tasks that are running behind schedule.

The group is fully on target with all of its tasks and the timeline remains possible for the first semester.

However the group deemed it necessary to identify what tasks were of high risk and that might be impossible to complete due to natural disasters or external forces such as weather conditions or group members being unable to complete a task due to illness or family commitments.

The only issues to be identified were if were not able to travel to a given location due to weather conditions, we have countered this by having Skype interviews arranged along side the physical interviews.

Transportation issues – we will use two cars to ensure that at least one of the cars will reach the venue.

Group members unable to complete a task(s) – We have identified skill sets for all group members and have allocated cross-assignments to each member.  This will allow us to complete any given task with only 50% of the group members.

No other issues were deemed as serious issues and the group is confident that all concerns have been addressed.

All members of the group are on target with their tasks and regular reviews are ongoing.