Martyn Reflects on the Project

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Research
Martyn at the camera controls.

Martyn at the camera controls.

Looking back on the project and the first day, I was a little bit apprehensive about the size of the project we had taken on and how we could reach our goal of producing a documentary with so much travel involved and so many people to interview.   As it turned out we had a great  team and each and every task came together as planned.  We did have a couple of hitches along the way; but too little to stop us from achieving our goals.

The one thing I will take from this project is that even with the best planning in the world and with the best team i the world, things will go wrong.  However it how you work as a team to sort these issues out and keep the project moving that counts in the long run.  It has been a pleasure to have worked on this project with Niall, Johnathan and Guitar.  It was also great to have Robert Smith on board as our Project Supervisor, Robert had a lot of experience that he passed along to us and made a lot of our tasks easy to complete.



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