Week 12 – Faculty Presentation

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Weekly Project Progress

This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (College Campus 14/01/2013):

This week is all about the final preparation on the presentation to the faculty on Friday 18th January.

The group is confident that the required work load has been achieved and that all components and scheduled tasks have been completed. We have ready for presentation the following:

      • 3 minute Demo Trailer.
      • Promo Poster.
      • Functional Website.
      • List of Locations for Interview.
      • Confirmed interview with Founders.
      • Confirmed interviews with CoderDojo Clubs (domestic and internationally).
      • Project Proposal with Timeline of Tasks to Complete the Project in Semester 2.
      • Solid Foundation to complete project.
      • A Cohesive Team with passion for success.

All members of the team have achieved the tasks set at weeks one and two.   Each group member has attended and engaged fully in all meetings and have supported each other with all project requirements.


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