Week 10 – Project Review & Progress on Media Products

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Weekly Project Progress

This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (Home Meeting 04/11/2012):

This week was about finalising some of the media products such as the website, promo poster and the progress on the demo trailer.   We also finalised on the project proposal.

  •  Compile the proposal in to a completed document (Click here to open: >> CoderDojoCodingTheFuture)
  • Secured domain http://www.coderdojodocumentary.com for website access.
  • Secured web hosting for website.
  • Completed working prototype of website.
  • Edit reviews of videos, promo posters and website.


  • Finalise logo(s) and artwork for all media products.
  • Complete prototype of promo poster.
  • Edit reviews of videos, promo posters and website.


  •  Review and edit interview footage from ITB CoderDojo club.
  • Secured online footage of CoderDojo founders to use in promo Trailer.
  • Completed demo story board for testing purposes.
  • Edit reviews of videos, promo posters and website.


  • complete list of interviews secured both domestic and internationally.
  • List of people agreeing to interviews.
  • Edit reviews of videos, promo posters and website.

As the project is now at the end of the semester we are satisfied with our progress and confident that our final project will be a professional documentary on the CoderDojo Movement across the globe.

We now have all the main components completed as agreed for the first semester and have accomplished the following:

  • Full assistance and support from the CoderDojo Founders.
  • Full research on the CoderDojo Movement and on other coding clubs.
  • Ample interviews scheduled to allow the production of the documentary.
  • We have a working website.
  • A Promotional Poster.
  • A 3 minute Demo Trailer.
Coding The Future

Coding The Futre

Home Page

Home Page












Full testing and editing of all of our products will take place in week 12 and we are confident that we have a product that will be enlightening, entertaining and rewarding to all that will see the finished demo of the documentary


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