Week 6 – Project Update

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Weekly Project Progress

This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (College Campus 28/11/2012):

This meeting is for a review of the project and to identify any issues that may arise or any tasks that are running behind schedule.

The group is fully on target with all of its tasks and the timeline remains possible for the first semester.

However the group deemed it necessary to identify what tasks were of high risk and that might be impossible to complete due to natural disasters or external forces such as weather conditions or group members being unable to complete a task due to illness or family commitments.

The only issues to be identified were if were not able to travel to a given location due to weather conditions, we have countered this by having Skype interviews arranged along side the physical interviews.

Transportation issues – we will use two cars to ensure that at least one of the cars will reach the venue.

Group members unable to complete a task(s) – We have identified skill sets for all group members and have allocated cross-assignments to each member.  This will allow us to complete any given task with only 50% of the group members.

No other issues were deemed as serious issues and the group is confident that all concerns have been addressed.

All members of the group are on target with their tasks and regular reviews are ongoing.


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