Week 5 – Project Review & Media Preparation

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Weekly Project Progress

This weeks schedule included the following:

Weekly Meeting (College Campus 21/11/2012):

So far we have had a fantastic response from all areas of the project including the following:

The Founders of CoderDojo

Bill Liao – “We would be delight to offer any assistance and support to this project.  We can schedule an interview for mid to late February and will confirm this within the next two to three weeks.”

James Whelton – “We are certainly looking forward to seeing the finished documentary.”

Various CoderDojo clubs both in Ireland & Global

“Yes, we would welcome your project and look forward to setting up some interviews in the new year.”

Others areas of review included:

Our proposal is on plan and we are very confident that we can meet all of our milestones.

Our research has been very positive and we have found no negative comments or details of any kind and therefore the documentary will be a positive look at the expansion of the CoderDojo Movement from it’s inception in Ireland to becoming a global success.

Moving forward to our media platforms and setting up promotional material and website creation.

Plans for this week:

  •  Create Mock-up of website.
  • Create Graphics for Website.
  • Locate Web Hosting.
  • Secure Web Domain Name.


  • Create Promotional Media Poster Mock-up.
  • Create Graphics for Media Promotions.
  • Create Copy for Media Promotions


  •  Research other Documentaries of Coding or programming Clubs.
  • Create a Story Board for the Demo Trailer Movie.


  • Create Questions for interviewees.
  • Contact ITB CoderDojo for interview (possible before Christmas break)
  • Proofreading Proposal to date and recommend changes or amendments.

A review of the proposal documentation will be held every two weeks.   Completion of this full proposal will be Thursday 17th January 2013.


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