How To Start A Dojo

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Founders

Start a Dojo today

Magic, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If you are reading this page then you probably want some of the magic of programming for the young people around you.

A ‘CoderDojo Champion‘, is anyone who cares enough to give it a go to bring a little magic to their community. Setting up a CoderDojo is a fast, fun and straightforward process just read on you will get there.

If you run into something you cannot figure out then email and relax, if your CoderDojo looks like inspiring chaos you probably got it right.

Also know that CoderDojos are free! Really FREE, free of charge, and there is no part of the global collaboration that wants to make money from you or the young people learning so there really is no catch.

The One Rule…

Be Cool!

The CoderDojo Promise…

Open Free Learning!

  • The CoderDojo Principles…
  • At CoderDojo we are open source.
  • At CoderDojo participation is always free of charge.
  • At CoderDojo we collaborate and rely on each other.
  • At CoderDojo our context is open, free, child-led, learning.
  • At CoderDojo what works in an individual Dojos is shared, not enforced.
  • At CoderDojo child safety comes before everything except common sense.
  • At CoderDojo playing and creating lead our learning and we share what we learn.
  • At CoderDojo all champions, mentors, parents and their kids are responsible for each other.


The three steps to starting a Dojo…

  1. Get a suitable space that can be opened a day a week without charges.
  2. Find two or more mentors to inspire kids with technology and coding.
  3. Set a start date!

That is really how simple it can be. The CoderDojo Founders alongside many volunteers, have worked very hard to make starting a CoderDojo simple.

Of course there are many people who will tell you it must be more difficult than this. So for them, we have put together detailed information on every aspect of running a CoderDojo from the legality & Liability, to the economic principles governing a Coderdojo team of Volunteers.


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