Badges & Belts

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Research

Badges & Belts

This system has been designed to recognise the ability and accolades of CoderDojo members, while being flexible to accommodate for different areas, languages and the resources at hand. It also incorporates elements of social good.


This is a plenary draft version of the first iteration of this system and there is still discussion to be had prior to implementation.


There are 4 levels of badges

  • Basic
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Master


Level of badge is illustrated by border color

  • Basic = Yellow
  • Junior = Blue
  • Senior = Red
  • Master = Black

Example HTML Badges


There are various categories of badges, eg ‘HTML’  badges are in ‘Language’category, ‘Old People Rock’ badge (Teach 5 elderly people to use the net) is in the‘Social Good Category’

You earn badges by meeting certain criteria, example for a Basic JS badges

  • Know and explain what the following are: variables, data type, functions, array
  • Build a website that uses: alerts, document.write


Badges build up to belts, different belts have different requirements 

Belt Requirements
White       • Attend 5 sessions
  • White Belt
  • 5 Basic Badges
  • Yellow Belt (& it’s badges)
  • 3 Basic Badges
  • 1 Junior Badge

**1 badge must be social good category badge **




Badge worth doubles up, making it easier for newcomers, who are previously experienced to be recognised and goto appropriate level

1 Junior Badge = 2 Basic Badges

1 Senior Badge = 2 Junior Badges or 4 Basic Badges

1 Master Badge = 2 Senior badges or 4 Junior badges or 8 Basic badges


Some badges come at varying levels

  • There 4 badges in HTML (BasicJuniorSeniorMaster)
  • There 2 badges in GIT/Open Source (JuniorSenior)
  • 1 badge in volunteering (Senior)


Scope for badges in all sorts of areas

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Game Development
  • Social Good
  • Mentorship
  • Setting up Dojos
  • Open Source/Free Software
  • User count




  • Badge criteria, belt criteria to be available on Kata (wiki).
  • Criteria to be refined over time, with advice from field experts
  • Badge template available in .PSD format
  • Quote for badges are $0.35 per unit in batch of 100, with $35 bulk shipping from China. HQ can order them in and dispatch them on request.
  • All badges also available in Mozilla’s open badges format when earned.

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