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Jonathan Reflects

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The project is finished and the film is online and please do take time to have a look if you haven’t already done so, over the past year we have been embedded in all things Coderdojo and met some amazing people, the work we witnessed throughout each and every Dojo we visited was inspiring and heartwarming, the friendship and warmth extended to us from James, Bill and all the dojos we visited was amazing, to invite four students in to document the work and encourage it shows what Coderdojo is all about.

We seen amazing work and hope that we have been able to translate even a little bit of that into our film, we are very proud of our work and hope, it goes to showing people a little more about this great organisation.

I could not have asked to work within a better team, from the initial idea to every step of the process we had a passion to tell the story of Coderdojo and the passion grew as we seen more of Coderdojo’s work, the team had unique strengths in each member that when mixed together was able to get the best out of all us and produce an end result we can all be very proud of.

I have personally had a great time on this project and would like to Thank Niall, Martyn and Guitar for helping me grow my strengths over the year and hope that we will work together again on future projects.


Go raibh míle maith agaibh


Niall Reflects

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Now that we are nearing the end of year 2, CDM and the Group Project Presentation is almost upon us I am reflecting on a great year of learning. I was respected as Project Manager by the team and the sum of each team member’s contribution to the project has resulted in a final film and multi-media campaign that I are very proud to present to the college faculty.

At times I was cameraman, sometimes audio or lighting, sometime the interviewer, always go-to-contact and location coordinator of equipment and resources.

What did I learn?

Lots… How to organise and set up a shoot, deal with press officers, achieve quality footage and audio plan and deliver something to be proud of and work in a well motivated and skilled team.

Niall O’ Sullivan – Project Manager

Our Team at The Department of Education

Our Team at The Department of Education

Ok, so it has been a long nine months.  Hundreds of miles traveled by car, over one-hundred interviews, many many ham sandwiches and the occasional disagreement. But we have completed our documentary and managed to stay friends along the way.  We are on a high, but also a low, as we have had a fantastic experience making this documentary.

We have learned so much from this experience and have built on all of the mistakes we have made along the way.   We have a better understanding of how to produce a interesting interview from a composition point to an entertaining piece to film.  We have discovered that no matter how well you plan your trips, something gets left behind.

What we certainly did get from this experience, was a lot of contacts that may benefit us as we progress through our chosen careers.  We met so many fantastic people along the way that were willing to give up their time to help us to make our documentary.   We also witnessed first hand the generosity of mentors willing to give their time to enable CoderDojo to become a world movement with the children of the world pt centre stage and allow them to progress on their own terms.

We would like to thank everyone that made this a fantastic project to be involved with and we hope that all of our paths will cross again in the near future.

Many Thanks from our team to all who made this project possible.

Niall O’Sullivan, Martyn Mills, Guitar Egbon and Jonathan Doyle.

Night Time Editing

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Late Night Editing

Late Night Editing

It late in the night and while most people are sleeping, our team are still busy working on the final documentary cut.  Niall and Guitar are working out the 2oth revision of the poster and Martyn and Jonathan are working on integrating the credits in to the final edited version of the documentary.

As with Murphy’s Law, the computers are acting up and After Effects has crashed for the eight time.   Time for more strong black coffee or something stronger.

Twitter Followers

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As of today we have 1288 Twitter followers waiting for the release of the CoderDojo Documentary.

1288 Twitter Followers

1288 Twitter Followers

The Editor Has Left The Building...Guess Who?

The Editor Has Left The Building.

Today was hectic, what with all the cutting and blending and the creation of the credit effects we had a full day in the labs at ITB.  We are now down to the nit-picking of the final scenes in the documentary.  We have run the documentary at least a dozen times in the past day just picking out single frames that we feel may take from the documentary.